Causes Of Anxiety

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There are a lot of issues that can cause anxiety, depression ,couples counselling, such as mental and physical health, bad and tough life experiences and behaviours.

Family history of mental health conditions

Some people have a genetic tendency to anxiety and tension like these conditions runs in a family, but it is not necessary that if your family is having or facing a mental health issue then you will suffer from anxiety.

Personality factors

Research says that some people are over sensitive so that’s why they become a victim of anxiety and depression as compared to other people, just like this some people think more than normal people like if anyone is perfectionist, easily frustrated, nervous, shy, lack of self-esteem or wanted to be a dictator or control everything, so these factors cause anxiety in childhood as well as in adulthood.

Ongoing stressful events

There are a lot of stressful event held in life that cause anxiety, some triggers are:

  • Sudden change in life
  • Stress in job or work
  • Pregnancy can also cause stress
  • Problems related to relatives or family
  • Any traumatic event
  • Verbal, nonverbal abuse
  • Death of loved ones.

Physical health problems

Some chronic diseases also cause mental illness, or impact on the treatment of anxiety or any other physical illness, some common chronic disease that are relatable with anxiety conditions are:

  • Asthma
  • Diabetes

Hypertension and heart disease

Some other issues like thyroid can also cause anxiety, so it would be better to get a proper check up from a good doctor to know whether is it because of any medical cause or not.

Other mental health conditions

Some people have a single reason or condition which cause anxiety while some people have a lot of issues such as any disease, mental health issues, and any tension related to family. Sometimes anxiety and depression occur together so the person who is facing this issues should get assistance for all the issues at the same time

Substance use

Some people develop habits of taking drugs, sleeping pills and other substances to get rid of their anxiety and then they have to face this addiction issue along with anxiety. Alcohol and drugs can resolve the tension for a limited time but it could cause effects on future so it is important to get assistance from a good doctor to use any medicine or any substances at the same time, while having anxiety.

Everyone in this world has a different nature and that is why everyone has different issues, different feeling. Some people get hurt by small issues and for some people these issues are so normal, because some people are sensitive, some people are over sensitive and some people are normal, the issues and state of mind of every single person is different so we can say that problems and issues can vary from person to person. So problems create different circumstances for people and it becomes essential to look for anxiety counselling in perth.